Inspired by an age when items were crafted with care and it took great diligence to ship them from the exotic and remote Pacific islands to the places that could afford them. The Island Trading Co. represents an attempt to recapture the excitement that emerges from genuinely rare and luxurious products by creating a tantalising range that draws inspiration from the rich cultures of Polynesia.

Conscious of the impact of modern packaging on our oceans, the Island Trading Co. set out to design beautiful packaging that was both desirable and useful in later applications. This approach allows the Island Trading Co.’s customers to fully experience the journey of our products and means the beautiful high seas we trade on will continue to be beautiful.

Kathy is a blogger and Australia’s online shopping queen that has always had a weakness for beautiful homewards and Polynesian culture. She began the Island Trading Co. in 2014, using her experience to create something that aimed to be truly unique and reminiscent of the hand crafted quality of a bygone era.

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